Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Drawing Not Jusssssst a Ssssssketch

I finally had time to scan in the drawing for my serpent mistress piece. And thus here it is. I plan on working up some value and color studies later today, so perhaps I will be able to post those sometime soon. If all goes well I should have this piece done soon, thus updates should come faster than normal.

Currently I am extremely swamped with work so I shall get back to it. I hope you enjoyed the drawing.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hell Hath No Fury...

This is the sketch to one of the other pieces I am working on that is not part of my pin-up series. It showcases one of the characters I had created for my mythology. Basically she is a lightning goddess and all that fun stuff. I had an old drawing I did of her posted in an old post as well. I actually have a great deal of stories planned out for her since she is one of my favorite characters in my world. Eventually I plan on making a comic about one of her stories and this scene is partially depicting a part of that epic. I know I basically summed her up as a lightning goddess but trust me there is much much more to her than just that. Well once I can get some of the stories fleshed out a bit more I'll get around to posting them as well.

As far as the images go, I attached the original drawing I did as well as a desaturated version. I gave the desaturated version because I feel it tightens up the drawing a bit and can better convey some of what I am trying to get across in the piece.

That is all I have for this update but look for the final drawing and studies to my serpent mistress to be uploaded soon.


Monday, November 23, 2009

ILL 400 Digital Painting with Corel Painter...HELLS YEAH

It is official, my digital painting class is a go. I will be teaching an illustration class at Syracuse University that focuses on digital painting. The class will be similar to that of an illustration class just with the assignments being done in Painter.

The class will meet Friday mornings starting this fall semester. I am quite excited about it and I can not wait to start teaching.

I also attached a copy of the poster I made to promote the class. It shows some of the process steps to my Zombie Cannon piece.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Sssssimple Ssssssketch.

I have been meaning to post this sketch for awhile now but life has been so hectic I have only just now got around to it. It is the sketch for my second pin-up piece my serpent mistress. The process for this piece is much further along than this post would make it seem. I have already finished the final drawing and now I am working on some value and color roughs.

As soon as I get the finished drawing scanned in I will make sure to post it. A bit sooner than this one I hope.

I have been working on some other projects as well not only my pin-up series. Expect to see a new sketch for quite an epic piece soon.

Well, that is all for now, until later.

Galactic Temptress: COMPLETE "X Marks the Spot"
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Value/Color Studies
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage

Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

Monday, November 16, 2009

At Donato's Studio

I recently took a trip to NYC with some friends to visit the sci-fi/fantasy illustrator Donato at his studio in Brooklyn. He shared some of his knowledge, we got to watch him work, and even got some great posters to take with us. Some of the pics I uploaded were; a group shot of us (top), Donato working on his latest illustration commission (middle), and Donato when he was lecturing about color, composition, and how he first got into the business (bottom).

Donato is a great artist and a very welcoming guy. If you ever get the chance to meet him I highly recommend it.

Until next time.

Friday, October 23, 2009

X Marks the Spot

Hey everyone finally finished my first pin-up. My galactic temptress who has now become a space pirate. I entitled the piece "X Marks the Spot".

I am quite pleased with how it turned out I think I learned a lot about where I want my style to go. Also I think It is very successful as my first ever sci-fi piece.

As always the finish was done in Corel Painter. I hope everyone likes this piece as much as I do. Expect my updates on my snake lady very soon.

Galactic Temptress: COMPLETE "X Marks the Spot"
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Final Drawing
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage

Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Taste of Painter

As luck would have it I was recently asked to teach a Corel Painter workshop at Syracuse University. It will be on two consecutive Saturdays Oct 17th and 24th, from Noon -3:00 PM. As you can see by the poster I uploaded.

The workshop will consist of a tutorial of the program followed by a demo. The students will then practice the first day painting a still life or portrait to familiarize themselves with the program.

They will then have the next week to create a full finished piece, with time to work on it on the 24th. We will then finish up the day with a class critique.

I am really looking forward to this workshop. I think the students will create some great images. If possible, after the workshop I'll see about uploading some of my students work to share with everyone what they did.


I worked out some colors for my space pirate in Corel painter. I ended up testing out both warm and cool palettes. While I do love some areas in the cool palette, especially the purple nebulae and the turquoise glow at the bottom of the planet, I ended up choosing the warm study. The warm one gives a nice contrast against her green skin and there are areas where I find it easier to move colors around, more so than the cool palette.

I have already started the finish and it should be done by this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying the process of this piece. I really enjoyed the feedback that I have been receiving. I got a lot of great comments via Facebook.

Also I have been meaning to scan in my sketches for my other piece, but fear not it's moving along I am currently working on the final drawing.

Galactic Temptress: Finish
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Final Drawing
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage
Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aye Avast! Ye Advice Be Requested.

I decided to do some more value studies for my space pirate image. And thus here they are.

There are parts in different ones that I like more than others so I am having a bit of trouble deciding which way I should go.

If you wish to share your opinion, please go right ahead and comment. Your feedback will be quite welcome.

Monday, September 28, 2009

YARRRR Me Mateys

My galactic temptress piece has changed quite a bit. I nixed the iron work-like windows and just went with a larger planet behind a moon, while she just rests on a free floating plate. I also turned the steps to give more movement to the piece.

Also, instead of just being an alien she has become a space pirate. So I added some appropriate accessories like pirate boots, and eye patch, and a Jolly Roger tattoo.

The image at the top is the finished drawing and the one at the bottom is a rough value study I did. I also have some color sketches but since the composition changed so much I basically had to scrap them and start over. However, they did help give me some ideas of where I want my palette to go. I should have the color sketch uploaded soon.

I have also been working on my serpent mistress piece and will scan in some sketches of it soon.

That is all for now.

Galactic Temptress: Color Rough/ Finish
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Sketch Stage
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage
Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pin-Ups, First Sketch for GALACTIC TEMPTRESS

I did the first rough sketch for my Galactic Temptress piece. The bottom image is the full drawing I did. While I liked all the environmental components there are, I realized the image would be much better cropped, thus the top image. It brings the attention fully to the figure while I believe still keeping the elegance of the full image. However even though the proportions work better now it will still need some slight modifications for the final i.e. a third step, more of the planet, the metal work needs to be smaller, and I want to add in some more space ships so they can create a curve to help move your eye through the piece.

Currently I started to work on some color studies for this piece which when I get done I will post.

I have also been sketching out some ideas for my Serpent Mistress piece. I'll probably have those scanned in to post about the same time as the color studies for this one.

Those be the updates for now, keep a look out for updates soon.

Galactic Temptress: Color Studies
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Sketch Stage
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage
Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

Elf Girl Full Version

Finally got a chance to upload the scanned in version of my elf girl drawing. That's it for now, short post this time.

Monday, August 24, 2009


As of late I have had a great desire to do some pin-up art. I decided to do an extended project consisting of seven thematically different sci-fi fantasy pin-up images. This may take me awhile so I will systematically update the progress. I have already started collecting inspiration and taking reference photos.

Following is a list of the different images done in my usual progress fashion.

Galactic Seductress: Reference Stage
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Reference Stage
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage
Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

These names are more of placeholders for now, just used for description. I have become more interested in this project so yes some of my older ones will wait a bit longer than intended. However, I think this project will turn out amazingly.

That is all for now, but be on the look out for the first sketches.

More Sites and also MERCHANDISING!

Yeah so I made another site even though I said I wouldn't, but like a friend of mine said we artists do need all the exposure we can get. So I made a gallery page at Concept Art. There are only a few images there now but I will update it like all my other sites.

Also, I did open something else today. I started a cafe press account. Once I get some time I will start making merchandise. So look forward to some fun things like mugs, posters, and possibly t-shirts. I will make sure to inform everyone of that as soon as I get it going.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little Sketch and ANOTHER NEW LINK (I swear this is the last one)

Sadly, I don't have access to a good scanner right now so I can not really show most of what I have been doing. I did however decide to take a photo of my latest sketch, this way I can at least show everyone a small piece of what I have been up to.

I used a friend of mine, Jen, as the model. Instead of just doing a straight up portrait I decided to make her an Elven type creature. Yay Elves, fun times. Other than that the image is self explanatory. I will upload a better quality image once I get to a good scanner.

Also, I know I said I wouldn't do this again but I made another portfolio site. This one is at Imagine Fx's site. Same deal as always this link will be added to the top of my blog in case you want to see.

That would be all for tonight, but I shall have more sketchbook goodness soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well I went ahead and made ANOTHER gallery site. This time at CG Hub. So if you happen to have one you can now find me there as well. And as per usual it's

Friday, July 3, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

As of late I have been hitting the books hard. I decided to do a bit of figure studying as well as some exploration into new digital techniques. So Picked up some interesting digital books. One by Don Seegmiller, The DIGITAL PAINTING BIBLE, and one compilation of workshops released by ImagineFX. I have only begun to scratch the surface, but so far they have been quite helpful.

I also got some figure books. Good old Bridgeman and one by Robert Barrett.

As you can see I also got a fun new toy. I got an Intuos 4 tablet. This tablet is a thing of beauty. A lot better then my old Graphire 3. I've been experimenting with some new brushes and techniques in Painter, which has been quite fun.

Since I am spending time trying to learn new things, some of the stuff I have done I don't believe is worthy yet to show everyone out there in the webbernet. But as soon as I get comfortable with some of these new techniques expect bigger and better things.

Also in the last image you can see my baby and my tablet. The image I have for my wallpaper is a piece by Stanley Lau, the wallpaper itself is thanks to ImagineFX.

That's it for now but have faith in a bright future.

Monday, June 29, 2009

And Then There Was Yet Another

So I have made another site for my work. I made a Deviant Art account. I plan on using it for a special set of drawings that I will have just there. It will be unique to my other art sites. So go forth link, fav, follow, watch, and other things of that nature. That is if you wish. I would greatly appreciate it.

That is all for now but look forward to some new art very soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

And Then There Were 4 - ALSO UPDATES

Hey everybody. I have been quite busy on the interweb today. If you look at the top right of the page you can see all my new links. Three new and one old, which yes does indeed mean 4.

There is of course my website in which I just updated my gallery today, so it is now current.

My new portfolio page at CG Society. Which is a great art site so check it out.

The interview I mentioned the other day.

And finally, yes my brand new facebook. It took me this long to make one but there it is. So if you wish, become my friend.

I am now done with all my late posts. So, now back to the grind for more art. I'll post again soon with an updated list of my projects once I get them organized.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The City

Well I finally got a chance to put these pics up. These are from my trip to New York City. When I was there I got to meet up with a few well known artists Donato and William Seccombe.

Donato (the one in the bottom picture) is an extremely successful fantasy artist. If you aren't familiar with his work I recommend clicking his name and seeing it, it is fantastic. I hopefully will be able to visit his studio sometime soon. Unfortunately my trip was too short and event filled for me to do it then, but next time.

William (the one in the top picture) is a great figurative painter and graphic designer. He also has a great blog So go check it out, read his stuff and follow his blog. Believe me it is worth it. He updates often and shows some great demos.

Well that be it for now, I shall bid thee farewell. Goodnight to some and good morning to the rest.

Interview with an Illustrator

Hey there folks. Awhile ago I was contacted by a website called It is apparently a site where professionals answer interview questions. They wanted me to answer questions related to illustration. It seemed like good fun so I decided to do it. I figure it lets me answer specific questions that don't get brought up here. So if you are interested check it out and enjoy.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

That Guy in the Chair

Yet another oil painting I did awhile back. This one is of a guy who works at the local music store. This was his first time modeling and despite his issues remaining still and answering his phone while modeling, the painting turned out quite well. I wanted to get a feeling of loneliness and solitude in the piece. Originally the background was empty but I added the windows to help activate the space. For a simple portrait I think it turned out well. I do especially like the blue lighting in the area around his shoulder.

And fun note I actually painted this on masonite. I did a drawing of him first then scanned it into the computer. Placed a flat neutral brown under painting behind the drawing in Photoshop. I then printed it out at a height of about 44 inches. Finally I matte mediumed it to the masonite and then started painting.

Well I have posted quite a bit today. I think I may get some sleep now but I still may post more later today. Look forward to my picks from my trip to NYC, the interview I am doing, and some new fun website things. Night for now..... or morning.

Ahh the Lovely Lovely Snow

Here is one of my latest self-ports. It is done in my water based oils. I was trying to capture my joy of finally being back in the north where there is snow. as opposed to Florida were they do not even have seasons.

I liked what I did with this, especially the slight color variations in the hair and on the face.

I had shown this to the well known fine artist Jerome Witkin, and he had given me possibly one of the best compliments I have ever received. When he saw this piece he told me he quite liked it. That it was very poetic and that it reminded him of a Victorian Age painter Arthur Rackham. Mind you Rackham is one of my favorite illustrators of all time, and for an artist of Jerome's caliber to compare a piece of mine to him was a truly great honor.

That's it for this post, still only halfway done with the stuff I need to post.

The Good, The Bad, and the...... well that's pretty much it.


Well I finally found sometime to finish my movie review. It's been awhile since I went and saw DBE and my anger of the movie has died down so this won't be as extensive of a rant as I had before. This could also be due to the fact that it was exactly as terrible as I expected.

However, I did just recently see Star Trek for the second time, and for how bad DBE was Star Trek was that good. So I decided to talk of that as well.

And for note I wanted to repeat my stance on my review; "Now, is my opinion one that should be held in high regard? Are my views so eye-opening that anyone who reads this will regard my comments as genius?.... HELL NO. However, I do wish to express my opinion, as this is my blog I want to add a bit of personal flare and insight into my tastes."

I do give warning now this will CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Where to start with DBE? How about the characters? Chichi, she was at best bland. She just didn't matter, she was the stereotypical love interest who is there just for the sake of, well, being a love interest. She added nothing and had almost no personality. The Chichi from the old show, while on many occasions irritated me greatly at least was unique, the one in DBE could have been easily replaced with a card board cut out.

Bulma, Yamcha, and Piccolo were pretty bad as well but I want to try and make this review not too long. So lets look at Goku....ohh dear God Goku. It was as predicted he was a dumb angsty teen. He actually asked his grandfather if he could teach him something useful like how to get girls. Are you kidding me? What made Goku so endearing in the old show was that he was blissfully ignorant to the outside world and just cared about training. They took the uniqueness of the character and made him the same crappy-cookie-cutter-cutout as every modern day lead male role. Ha I think I like that

At least Roshi had moments of perversion, so that was a nice touch.

Lets see story/writing issues. Kind of vague I basically am just going to vent on what I found...... unpleasant. First of all the main part of the story takes place in 2 weeks. During this time the moon changes phases about 12 times. Apparently whoever made this movie never bothered too look out side their window too see that the moon takes a bit longer than that. Considering the moon is SUPPOSED to be important you think someone would look it up.

There was also this scene with what I assume were supposed to be saiba men in an underground lava pit. These creatures for some reason are almost invincible but fortunately can be destroyed in lava, boy that sure is convenient. Since the dragonball they were trying to get to was surrounded by lava and unreachable I thought this is where Goku would be able to fly, however, instead he makes a bridge out of Saiba men bodies and hops across the lava. I assume how dumb this is needs no further explanation.

Then there is Piccolo, most of his issues I find are in his story. He was captured and sealed in some artifact blah blah blah but the he escapes. Nice and typical. But wait how did he escape? I have no f'ing clue. They don't ever bother to mention which I guess normally wouldn't be relevant except for the fact that they were making a new artifact jar and planned on trapping him...... does anyone see the flaw in this? Perhaps he may ESCAPE again.

There is also the graphics. Dear god the end with the flying car was so badly green screened, it made 15 year old Sci-Fi channel original movies look like Lord of the Rings by comparison.

And finally Goku's abilities. He for some reason is the Avatar for he is an air-bender. He learned to use the Kamehameha which is an air-bending technique???? Which he is learning to use to light candles, as part of his training. Wait what? Why does an ability that uses air light things on fire? At least it's not like someone used it later as a form of CPR to bring someone back to life... ohh wait yeah they did. Hooray logic.

Then in the end Goku learns he was an evil minion of Piccolo as a giant monkey. And now the big finale, he transforms because of the solar eclipse... won't even get into how wrong that is. So, this must be where that large budget went right, huge gorilla? Yeah about that. He transforms and is a terrifying enormous.... 7 foot gorrilla, Ok? Then to top it off when he transforms back his clothes are perfectly intact. Wow, just wow has no one ever seen the hulk when clothes rip they stay ripped... arrggg the amateurish nature of this film is painful.

And with the wish of the dragonballs Goku wishes to bring back to life his Master Roshi who was killed by Piccolo. Yeah that makes sense he brings back the random pervert he knew for 2 weeks instead of his grandfather, who was all the family he had, yeah that makes sense.

Well fortunately after the abortion of a film that was DBE i got to see the glory that is Star Trek.

warning this will CONTAIN SPOILERS

Since my rant on DBE went a bit long I'll cut this one down a bit, that is of course if anyone is still reading at this point.

Wow this movie was amazing. The cast was great great. Sylar was a perfect Spock and Simon Peg was hilarious, as well as who ever it was that played Chekov. Every character was true to their original self, it was a thing of beauty.

The plot basically was about some angry Romulan workers who travel back in time and mess up the universe. Now what this did was create some large differences between this continuity and the original. In this world Planet Vulcan is destroyed, Kirk's father is dead, oh and yeah there are two Spocks, one being the great Leonard Nimoy.

What this does is create a universe with characters that are so true to their original intent but set up more movies for brand new stories and adventures. I wouldn't be surprised if in one or two sequels we get to see borg. Something that the original story did not have.

So as remakes go these two films are on polar opposite sides of the spectrum. While one was poorly made with lack of faith to the original or any sense of creativity the other went above and beyond to create a truly fantastic piece of cinema.

As I said before these rants are just my opinion please do not take it seriously or with any malice.

Well that's all for now look forward to more posts coming very very shortly.

Back Up in Your *** with the Resurrection

This post will be short and sweet. I am back. After the long absence of my computer I have it back and thus the posting shall resume in great amount. First up my silly movie review.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Two days ago I had quite an unpleasant day. It was a very windy day and I was waiting for a bus. I was carrying a bag and a drawing pad with some loose drawings in it. So I knew I had to be careful considering the strength of the wind. Unfortunately I was not careful enough. As I lifted the drawing pad the wind decided to open it. I dropped my bag and chased after my papers unfortunately I had lost all the work I did the previous day.

Sadly this was not the bad part. As I said I had dropped my bag...... it contained my computer. When I checked on it I realized my screen was damaged. I took it to Best Buy and now it is shipped off to get fixed. Luckily I have the three year total coverage. This does mean however that I will probably be without my computer for a month.

This means the new digital work I had wanted to do will be on hold. Including my Gothic Vampire. I had finished it and sent it to the client, however, I wanted to make some changes and try something new. So it will be awhile before I will be able to.

I will have some limited Internet access in the upcoming week so I will try and post as much as I can in that time. Including my movie review, a new self port, a figure painting, an interview I am doing, and my recent trip to New York.

So here is the update on some of my projects.

Goth Vampire: Postponed
Squid vs Shark: On the Back Burner
Mythology Character Designs: On the Back Burner

I should have some new posts soon if I do not I'll make sure I get back to you as soon as my baby gets out of the hospital, until then.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yes yet again another RARRR. Well not really. However, some other loud unintelligible sound may be appropriate. As I do recall making a few of them as I was working on this. It took me awhile, but now it is done and overall I am quite pleased with my finish.

There's a lot of little areas that I enjoyed painting like the smoke out of the bazooka and Iron Man.

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing my process through this piece. I thought it would be nice to show everyone how I work.

I should get a copy of the magazine when it gets printed. I'll make sure to post it.

Not much time to talk too much work to do. Next up is my Vampire piece which should be finished soon as it is due Thursday. So yeah I will be stressing just a bit the next few Well that's all for now so I will bid you good night and give you my updated project list.

Goth Vampire: Final Painting
Squid vs Shark: On the Back Burner
Mythology Character Designs: On the Back Burner

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gothic Alure

After many revisions I finally had the drawing finished for my vampire image. I like the direction it is going in. I think the colors I use on this will really be what makes this piece sing. I am currently working on the finish to this. I was a bit late in posting the drawing, I've been a little busy. Well sadly not much to say today so here is an update on my upcoming projects.

Comic book heroes (mag cover): COMPLETE
Goth Vampire:
Final Painting
Squid vs Shark: On the Back Burner
Mythology Character Designs: On the Back Burner

As you can see my comic book inspired magazine cover is finished. I shall get it posted later this week.

That's all for now I bid you all good night.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Comic Wars in Progress

Well i said I wanted to post more in progress work so here it is. I have the final drawing to the piece as well as a color rough.

After I finished the drawing I scanned it in and started my color rough in Painter. Basically in this stage I just work out all my value and color issues. The lovely thing about working digitally is that i end up just taking the rough and using it as an under painting. So I will go in with more layers and flesh it out for the finish. Saves time when you can seamlessly move from rough to finish.

I really like the color I'm using for this illustration. I wanted to go with a simple orange and blue complimentary color scheme. I usually tend to cooler colors so having such a warm environment feels quite refreshing to me.

And now progress updates:

Comic book heroes (mag cover): Final Painting
Goth Vampire: Color Rough
Squid vs Shark: On the Back Burner
Mythology Character Designs: On the Back Burner

As you can tell I have finished the tight drawing for the goth vampire piece I plan on scanning that in tomorrow so keep a look out for that in the next few days.

Sorry i have no silly rant or random commentary (that is if anyone actually finds that amusing) but i am tired so i shall just bid you all a fond farewell.

................ fish sticks....... sorry I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hooray for zombies. Here is a two page spread from the short comic I was working on that I called Zombie Cannon, which features my friend Sujin (she's the one kicking ass). I know it seems just like crazy fighting, but It does have many humorous moments. I have included my friends as well as myself in it. However, when I'm in it, I am either getting chased by zombies or getting beaten up by Sujin. It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

However, I am not just making this comic for fun, it's also being done for preparation. Preparation for the day when THE ZOMBIES RISE UP AND ATTACK. You know it's gonna happen.

I wanted to get a lot more of this done but this single spread took a lot more time than I anticipated. Although I am very proud with how this turned out.

I think my favorite part is all the inside jokes that are hidden in it. I'd say there about five of them, most in the graffiti. Can you tell which they are? That is if I haven't told you already.

I'm not sure why but zombies seem to be so popular nowadays. Even within my circle of friends. One of my friends Jebus plans on writing a zombie romance novel, which will be amazing. And another friend has started his own zombie comic called Dead Line.

Please check out their stuff.

And now here is an update on my current projects:

Comic book heroes (mag cover): Rough Sketch
Goth Vampire: Rough Sketch
Squid vs Shark: On the Back Burner
Mythology Character Designs: On the Back Burner

Well that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Great Comic WARS Rough

I was there, I saw the great war. As heroes clashed in the sky and doomsday weapons ran free in the streets. I saw the great powerhouses of DC and Marvel collide. And then...... there was an evil alien squid monster.....or was there? Oh Watchmen.

Well in case you were confused, there was no great war, I know I was sad too, that would have been great though. If you asked me who would win in the end I'd say Dr Doom. Cause really he is DOOM. Anyway this is my rough sketch for the magazine cover I am working on. The article is obviously about graphic novels that have been made into movies, and their great success.

I ended up making this a great battle featuring; Rorschach, The Joker, Leonidas, Dr Manhattan, Iron Man, and V or at least his mask.

I realized I never really show my process on my blog so what better time to than now. I should have the finish for this in a few weeks keep a look out for it.

That's it for tonight or morning, laters.

P.S. a fun little pun the missile in Joker's launcher is a Spartan Missile. The idea made me smile.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Worst Movie Ever? Possibly

NOT MY ART!!!!!!!!!

As I'm sure many of you know Dragonball and Dragonball Z were very popular manga/anime series in the days of old. You may also know that soon the American live-action feature film will be released (I say American because other countries have made live-action abominations of it, but trust me you do not wish to see).

Now I know I use this blog to showcase my art and to update current projects but for some reason I feel compelled to make popular culture commentary. Now, is my opinion one that should be held in high regard? Are my views so eye-opening that anyone who reads this will regard my comments as genius?.... HELL NO. However, I do wish to express my opinion, as this is my blog I want to add a bit of personal flare and insight into my tastes. It isn't like this is the first time I've done this as awhile back I told everyone of how much I loved Iron Man.

Now can I say for certainty this movie is bad or good? No I can not for I haven't seen it, and no one can say it is or isn't because THEY HAVE NOT SEEN IT. All I can do is comment on what I have seen and thus I will.

Now considering the ridiculous nature of Dragonball I know that somethings have to be changed for a transition from anime to film. Such as what villain to use, Raditz, Piccolo, Vegeta? Also what side characters should there be, because lets face it Dragonball was not the best written thing ever and it's secondary cast of characters, while enjoyable were about as useful to the plot as a fork is to eating soup. So I understand story may change and am willing to accept it, sometimes directors and screen writers want to tell a different story with their own ideals, which can be good. I recently was talking to my friend about the Silent Hill movie. While it butchered the original plot in many horrible pyramid head-like raping ways, I thought it was still a good movie, and by far the best video game movie I have seen.

But i digress. My point being that I can understand changes. However, this movie doesn't seem to change the story so much as tie it in a bag beat it with sticks and throw it into the Pacific. Lets examine the cliche and complete lack of creativity this movie has to offer just within its promotion. First of all the title. Dragonball was the original title and then when Goku grew up it became Dragonball Z. So if he's a kid in the film you call it Dragonball if he is an adult in the movie you call it DBZ, seems to make sense. Well in the movie our hero is an... angsty teen.... huh? Like every other f'ing movie the hero has to be a teen cause otherwise no one will relate to him. So the title of this film Dragonball Evolution. Are you serious? What the hell is it with movie makers who think it's a good idea to attach cool words like evolution, do they think that unless it sounds unnecessarily epic we won't care? Here is an idea call it fucking Dragonball we will get the damn concept.

Ok, well Goku is a teen, well this may be a change but perhaps he will keep that obliviously sweet and innocent nature he has that made him such a cute kid and terrible father. Seeing the latest preview no..... he is that poor kid who gets picked on by bullies (probably cause of his hair) but then finds his true power and can now fight back. How original, not like Transformers, Forbidden Kingdom, or any other recent movie. So, no, Goku does not even have the same in personality.

Well then his powers they are the same right, he was an alien child with a monkey tail who when the moon was full turned into a giant gorilla. And through years of training he learns to hone his great power and shoots energy blasts. NO he has no damn tail, he hasn't trained for years, and he has telekinesis. WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT? Telekinesis that's not even close to anything like Goku at all. I mean so far the only similarities to this and the original is that he has spiky hair but even that looks like shit? No one has hair that looks that stupid even the anime character's hair wasn't that bad.

Also look at the poster I added, EVEN THE POSTERS ARE SHIT. Look at it, if the damn ball is giving off the light why is there no light under his eyebrow? And why is there a cast shadow on his neck? If the light from the ball was that damn bright his whole face would be washed out. It's obvious that all they did, was have him stand there with a light far off to his side and take a picture. Then they put a crappy background around him, horribly Photoshop the plastic mass that is his hair, and then some jerk got way too happy with the damn lens flare filter. In case you didn't know that is possibly the cheesiest filter in all of digital imagery, so here's a hint DON"T USE IT.

I could rant more about what I've seen like how Piccolo looks, the fact Master Roshi isn't bald or a silly pervert, or the renditions of any of the secondary cast, but I will leave it there.

Sorry I do not mean to sound pretentious, I just see a car wreck happening in front of me that's about to kill my childhood and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I know Dragonball was not the best thing written in fact at times it was pretty terrible, but either way it deserved better than the raping it seems to have received. If you are going to take someone's intellectual property and make it into a movie at least show it a little bit of respect.

Now will I go see this film? Definitely. I can't say something is bad without seeing it, that would make me a douche. After all it is a small piece of my childhood. If nothing else my low expectations for this will only help the movie pleasantly surprise me when I see it. I can hope for the best but I doubt it.

That's all for now. I feel much better after that nice long rant.

P.S. there is a rumor on a website that apparently the sequel has already been green lit..... God help us all.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sexual Stereotypes ...... IN PRINT

Considering that this illustration was done as two separate spots I thought I should show how it was actually printed. I figured this would help give a better idea of how they work together.

Also an update on
upcoming projects. As I mentioned before I did an illustration for a local magazine, that would be this one (I know I said I would post sketches but I was a bit behind so I posted all at once). I'm working on the magazine cover with all the comic book heroes, I have a rough sketch for that one finished. Also I had mentioned a long time ago I was working on a zombie comic I have a two page spread for that done, and it will be posted soon. I also did get a new gig for another prototype magazine who wants me to illustrate an article about the popularity of goth and vampires ex. Twilight, I'm working on thumbs for that. As far as my shark vs squid and mythology character designs they will eventually get done but are still sadly on the back burner.

So to recap:

Zombie Comic: COMPLETE
Comic book heroes (mag cover): Rough Sketch
Goth Vampire: Thumbnails
Squid vs Shark: On the Back Burner
Mythology Character Designs: On the Back Burner

I think this listing will help inform anyone who wants to know what I'm up to, as well as help keep my schedule straight throughout my posts. That's all for now, keep commenting..... I like the attention.

Sexual Stereotypes

This was an illustration I did for JERK magazine. The article was about the sexual stereotypes of African-American women, and how they are by nature supposed to be amazing in bed. it was an interesting article, a little blunt at times. However, it definitely brought up good points. I completely agree that no one should be judged based upon their race even if it seems like a positive stereotype.

The magazine wanted me to make my one illustration into two separate spots. These being of the male who obsesses over the African-American woman, and the sexual icon that he thinks idolizes.

What i wanted to convey with the woman was, yes, a very sexual woman who is the very stereotypical vision of the man. However, I also wanted her to seem elegant at the same time, he may be looking up to her as a sex goddess but she is looking above as well, not even giving him a second glance. I feel this gave her a bit of empowerment, considering the context of the image. As far as the guy I wanted him to seem like a stereotypical stuck up douche, hence why I gave him a collar because what feels more pretentious than a "popped collar douche"?

As far as the painting, it was a pencil drawing that I scanned in and painted in Corel Painter. I was quite pleased with the sketch of the woman. Although, I think I could have done better with the paintings. Sadly I was having trouble with my comp as it was lagging to a ridiculous extent. Since then I got my new comp so no worries. And on another note I love this new computer it is quite sexy and extremely fast.

I feel as though I have rambled a bit but ehh. At least I am actually posting, but that would be it for this one.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Been a Long Time Coming

Well it certainly has been awhile since I posted last. A lot has been going on since then. Lots of work, getting hospitalized, but the main thing is that I have been going through a very bad drawing rut. Fortunately I think I'm finally coming out of it. I think what really helped me was getting back to basics. I started drawing figures from the masters: George Bridgeman, Andrew Loomis, and Robert Barrett. I also bought a new sketchbook dedicated solely to figure studies. Hopefully when I get some pages I really like I'll post them. I really should especially since this blog is called the "sketchbook" of the level 20 artist.

One of the things I have done as of late was this portrait of me in my fedora. I thought it turned out pretty well so I decided to use it for my new icon.

Now for whats to come. I haven't posted in awhile so I have a lot of things that will eventually get done and posted. Some things are, as previously mentioned in older posts, my zombie comic. I have a large 2 page spread that's in the works. I'm really pleased with it so far, hopefully it turns out well.

I also finished an illustration for a local magazine I will post the sketch for that soon.

I've also been asked to do a cover for a prototype magazine. The main article for the magazine is about graphic novels that have been turned into movies, so that illustration will be epic. Lots of super heroes fighting each other, also think I'll have the Joker in it with a rocket launcher....... fun times.

There are some other projects going on. Such as a new "shark vs squid" illustration and some character designs from my mythology. Those however have taken a little bit of a backseat for some of the other projects, so they will take a little longer to get posted.

Lots to do, so expect more updates more often in the next few weeks. However, that is all for now, I'll make sure to post again very soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here's a digital piece I did awhile ago, using Corel Painter. I wanted to do something with more architectural drawing since I usually lack that in my work.

The reference I used for this I got from a friend of mine in Georgia. It was based on one of the towers of a church in Savannah.

Currently I'm working on a short eight page comic. It's about what would happen with my friend Sujin and I when the zombies attack. I say when cause you know it's going to happen eventually. Once I get some sketches done I'll get them posted.

That be all for now nighty night to all those out there.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's Kraken Bitches!

The Kraken piece was finally scanned in. And so here it is in all its adorableness. I'm pleased with how it turned out and I do think the addition of the whales in the corner helped to solidify the composition.

Sadly it has been a very long week and it is really late at night right now so I'm not sure what else I need to add to this post. So all I shall say is I hope that everyone enjoys the piece and feel free to leave comments I like to read them.

Well good night to all I shall see you in the morning.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Updates Updates Updates

Updates, mostly my website. After a long wait I've finally got my website updated with my recent work. New art, new bio, new bio image, all good stuff. I do have some more images on the slate to be posted here and on the "official" site.

To come: Digital Terrible Tower Illustration, and the finish painting of my adorable sea monster.

I hope everyone had a good New Year. And here is to another year and another full slate of work and art.