Sunday, November 8, 2015

New Site New Blog New Lots of Things.

After my recent trip to IlluXcon I feel extremely invigorated. After a long time of depressing let downs I do feel like I am finally getting into a better least mentally. I have got some plans and ideas for some really fun personal projects that hopefully I will be able to get to soon.

In the mean time though the biggest changes are how my sites will work.

First thing is I am now on Instagram so feel free to follow me there.

The second thing Is I have my site completely redone my website I am quite happy with it and it is now so much easier to update. This biggest change with this now though will be with my newly designed site shall come a new blog. What this means is this will be my last post here on blogger. All my previous posts have been imported to my new blog, but from here on out all new content will be posted there. So if you like to follow my posts make sure to keep this in mind.

Well that seems to be all for now, hopefully I shall see you on the new blog. Do expect some new art updates soon.